How do I connect with other users on Chat-Me-In?
Click on menu button located on bottom right of screen. Use the find users feature to lookup C-M-I users and send a friend request, or use the import feature to send an SMS invite to your own contacts.
How do I control what shows up on my timeline?
Your timeline is only seen by you, although some of the events might also appear on other users' timeline if they were invited to that event. An event shows up on the timeline after it has passed, there you can add photos to the event album to make lasting memories.
How can I leverage groups in Chat-Me-In?
Currently groups can only be created in the chat part of the app. However, once a chat group is established you can import the whole group to an event invite, making groups more useful throughout the app.
How long are chat messages stored on your server?
The user has complete control over their correspondences, with our retract message feature a user can permanently delete any of their messages from the server, and therefore the original recipients inbox as well. Very useful for those oops moments when you send a message to the wrong user.
How do I delete a friend?
Visit the friends profile page, swipe left on their name, and a delete button appears. Click this button and confirm on the modal dialog and the friend will be deleted from your profile.
How do I delete a chat conversation?
Visit the chat page, go into the conversation you wish to delete, swipe left on the top toolbar where the chat friends name is and a delete button appears. Click this button and confirm on the modal dialog and the conversation will be deleted from your profile.
Can I remove someone from a group?
If you are the creator of a group chat, you can remove any user from the conversation by tapping the center of the top toolbar on the chat page, this will bring up a list of users in the conversation. There is a red outlined 'X' button next to each chat participant. Tap this button for any user you wish to remove, then click the close button at the bottom.
How do I create an event?
Go to the menu and click create event, or press the Chat-Me-In logo on the bottom right of My Day to add another event. Fill in description of event (Party at Cindy's), fill in message box with any information for invitees, fill in address (this will map people to the location), pick date and time, add a photo to make the event more fun. Then scroll to the top and invite all of your friends. Click Create Event.
How do I edit event?
Click on created event. Once in "Event View" hit the top right Edit button. Make the changes you need and press "Save Changes".
How do I know I have an invite to an event?
On the bottom of your screen you will see a Flag that will light up green when you have an invite in your notifications. Click on the flag and accept or reject.
How do I send a QWKY?
Click on the QWKY button on the bottom of your screen, either go to "My QWKY" and send a picture or video or select a premade emoji. Once you click your selection it will prompt you to select a person or persons to send, then you can attach a message if you want and press send.
Are QWKY's saved?
Once a QWKY is clicked on and opened, it disappears forever. This is a fun way to send a message that is then erased.

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